Voices & Choices

Under our theme of Voices and Choices, we seek presentation abstracts that demonstrate the contemporary thinking, stance, role, and practice of ABA in person-centred care. Voices and Choices recognises the rights, voice, and personhood of autistic individuals, and their parents and carers, in choosing and shaping supports, care, and clinical pathways. 

Voices and Choices seeks to showcase the ways in which evidence-based educational and behavioural supports can help autistic individuals with social inclusion and to participate meaningfully in school, home, and community activities. It is also about supporting parents and carers in the choices they make for an autistic loved one; ensuring parents and carers' right to have a voice for their child.

ABA Today is seeking to present and hear from a variety of voices including:

  • individuals with lived experience of autism;

  • people who care for or love an individual with autism; and

  • ABA professionals who support individuals with autism.


Particular topics to look out for at our 2021 conference include interdisciplinary collaboration, supported decision-making, person-centred planning, and trauma-informed/compassionate care.